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Welcome to Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs, Sikkim

The State Government’s philosophy is guided by pro-poor and people-centric democratic on the principles. This has translated into inclusive growth, with emphasis focused on rural segments of the population. Mission Poverty Free Sikkim was launched by the State Government in 2009 with the objective of becoming Poverty Free State by 2015. In Sikkim no one goes hungry to bed and every person has a roof over his head and shelter. However, what makes Sikkim Government unique is the ability to go beyond ensuring basic food security, shelter, literacy and health for all and truly raising the standards of living of all the people in Sikkim.

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Note: All the quantities are in ‘QTL.KGGMS’

  • Total Ration Card: 123738
  • Total Beneficiaries: 411349
  • Total Fair price Shop: 1312
RICE Allocation, July,2024
  • North District: 2153.94292
  • West District: 8180.85128
  • South District: 8923.66140
  • East District: 14546.62620
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    Note: Quantities are in ‘QTL.KGGMS’