State Consumer Helpline

State Consumer Helpline was setup on 2nd March 2009 to preserve and promote Consumer Rights.
It is located at ATTI Building,Kazi Road,Gangtok,East Sikkim. Since than it has been actively engaged in creation of Consumer Awareness, providing advice, information and guidance to the Consumers who are unable to get redressal to their complaints either due to inadequacy of information/complaint handling process or corporate not listening to them. In true sense State Consumer Helpline is thus striving towards Consumer empowerment where a customer can call and seek friendly and cordinal guidance and help in finding solutions to problems related to products and services.
State Consumer Helpline is the only Office which deals with Consumer complaints covering all 4 district in Sikkim.It is rendering a very useful public service and helping Consumers to seek fast and effective redressal of their grievance and also encouraging Corporations to set up their internal grievance redressal mechanisms and be responsive to Consumers concerns, needs and complaints where 80% complaints are solved in SCH. The Helpline is also engaged in advocating robust complaint handling system to be adopted by various Corporation, Service provider and Business houses.

Consumers from all over the state can access the list of helpline numbers

Toll Free Number1800-345-3209/203-951
Landline Number03592-202675

and seek telephonic counseling for problems that they face as consumers relating to various sectors. The helpline serves consumers in English, Hindi and Nepali.

Cases varying from telecommunications, LPG, PDS, Insurance, Banking, defects in goods & services, mobile service providers, etc have been registered at the Helpline received from all the four districts.

Complaints RegisteredComplaints SettledCases Pending

Contact Person

Manager-           Lata Gurung             - 9593885277

Counsellor-      Mrs.Pema Bhutia     -9775470376 

                             Sunita Subba             -9832524754