PDS Commodities


The State of Sikkim receives monthly allocation of 33,942 MT of rice for distribution to the following category of beneficiaries 

  1. Antyodaya Anna Yojana: Rs. 3.00 per Kg, 35 Kgs per month per Family, 6500 Household, Monthly Quota is 5775.00 Qtls.
  2. Priority Households: Rs. 3.00 per Kg, 5 Kgs per month per member, 324081 individual beneficiaries, Monthly Quota is 16204.05 Qtls
  3. Other Priority Household: Rs. 11.00 per Kg, 9.138 Kgs per month per member, present individual beneficiaries is 129000, Monthly Quota is 11995.84  Qtls. The scale of rice changes from time to time based on the number of beneficiaries list


In 2017 the Government of India reviewed the Sugar Subsidy Scheme and decided that it is imperative to give access to consumption of sugar as a source of energy in diet for the poorest of the poor section of the society i.e. AAY families. Accordingly, it decided that the existing system of sugar distribution through PDS may be continued as under:

i. The existing scheme of supply of subsidized sugar through PDS may be continued for restricted coverage of AAY families only. They will be provided 1 kg of sugar per family per month.

ii. The current level of subsidy at Rs.18.50 per kg provided by the Central Government to States/UTs for distribution of sugar through PDS may be continued for the AAY population. The States/UTs may continue to pass on any additional expenditure on account of transportation, handling and dealers’ commission etc. over and above the retail issue price of Rs. 13.50 per kg to the beneficiary or bear it themselves.

Pursuant to the above decision, revised guidelines for reimbursement of sugar subsidy to States/UTs for distribution of sugar under PDS for AAY families have been issued.

The present scheme of subsidised sugar of the Government of India is extended to AAY families only @1kg per family whereby subsidy of Rs.18.50 per kg is borne by the Government of India. For the State of Sikkim it works out to166 quintal per month for 16500 AAY families in the State.


The present scheme of subsidised Atta of the Government of Sikkim is extended to Other Priority Household (OPHH) families only @1.924 kg per month per family whereby subsidy of Rs.10.90 per kg. The present individual beneficiaries is 130000, Monthly Quota 2961.51 Qtls. The scale of Atta may be charges from time to time based on the number of beneficiaries list.

S.K Oil:

Kerosene Oil is an allocated and subsidized product distributed to the customers through the PDS network. The quarterly allocation of PDS kerosene to the states is made by the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Government of India for the purpose of cooking and illumination.

Kerosene Oil under the Public Distribution System is provided through the Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) and Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL). This is issued through Fair Price Shops to Ration Cards holders of AAY and PHH categories at a scale of 2.80 liters per family ration card at rates fixed and notified by the department from time to time as per the distance of the Fair Price Shops from the Kerosene Oil Dealers’ Depot. The rate ranges from Rs 28.50 to 31.10 per liter. The present beneficiaries is 95435 families, Monthly Quota 288 KL.