Quality Control Office

After the implementation of the NFSA, this department had to ensure not only timely distribution of foodgrains but also the quality of the products distributed.

The two FCI Depots at Rangpo and Jorethang receive foodgrains from the Central Depot at NJP Dabgram where the foodgrains under NFSA arrive by train. The Government decided to check the quality of foodgrains at the central distribution point at NJP before it is despatched to Rangpo and Jorethang FCI Depots. Therefore a Quality Control Cell was established at Siliguri with effect from April 2016 whereby Deputy Controller, LMU was posted as Quality Control Officer. One Inspector, one ASI and one LDC have been posted under the QCO for assistance.


To ensure that the quality of rice grains are maintained, quality and physical test is undertaken as under:-

  1. Moisture content
  2. Grain purity – shape, size, bulk, density etc.
  3. Grain cracks and damages due to pests
  4. Dirt or milling related issues and for generic properties.
  5. Gelatinization temperature
  6. Analyse contents
  7. Gel consistency
  8. Aroma

There are two basic types of rice qualities

 RRA- Raw Rice Grade ‘A’

 RRC- Raw Rice Common.

The refilled gunny bags are monitored properly so as to ensure non mixing of dirt, stone chips and other foreign particles. Proper care is taken to clean the rice grains before filling in refill bags.

Presently all these tests are done jointly by the officials of this department along with the officials of Quality Control Cell, FCI Dabgram at FCI Lab.

Transporters are appointed by FCI to transport foodgrains to Rangpo and Jorethang godowns. The Quality Control Cell monitors the lifting from NJP and reports accordingly to Head Office.

Besides this the quality control Cell collects wholesales rates from the open wholesale markets at Mahabirsthan and Nehru Road khalpara and also from regulated market at Champasari and Agriculture Regulation Board on weekly basis and reports the same to the Head office.

This cell has to liaison with the officers from Siliguri, Jalpaigury FCA&PD for proper movement of foodgrains/Pules/salt/sugar to Sikkim as required under Sub-Section 2 (D) of Section 3 of Essential Commodities Act 1955.

The Department in near future plans to establish a bigger lab of its own to test not only the NFSA foodgrains but also products from open market for example iodine content in salt sold in loose,  gluten content in the flour etc. The officers need to be trained and the process has already started.

The Government with the help from this department not only ensures distribution of foodgrains but also plans to ensure the quality of product distributed to make a healthy and better Sikkim.