Progress of TPDS

Point on VC Meeting Agenda for 18th Dec 2018

Agenda for meeting scheduled on 18th December 2018 at 4:00 PM in VC with Secretary, DoFPD, GoI are as under.

  1. Rollout plan for FPS Automation and implementation of biometric authentication of beneficiaries.

All the active 1352 FPS has been provided aadhaar enabled Point of Sale Devices. The first level Training and hand holding has been provided and 2nd round of Hand holding is under progress. A total of 905 out of 1352 e-POS have operated partially in the month of November 2018. The department is actively working towards achieving 100% online transaction.

  1. Completion of Aadhaar seeding and validation at both ration cards and beneficiaries level.

The Aadhaar Seeding of NFSA RCs is 89.19% and Members is 80.38%. All FPS and Go-downs In-charges are distributing Aadhaar Enrolment Form as well collecting the Aadhaar and seeding in the e-PDS System. Seeding is also in progress through e-POS Devices. Timeline given is 31st Dec 2018.

  1. Strategy for de-duplication of ration cards/beneficiaries.

All the de-duplication based on UID has been provided to District Civil Supplies Offices who are actively removing the same with the help of Go-down In-charges and FPS Owners. The list has been generated from e-PDS portal and NIC Delhi has provided the updated list of duplicates on 26 Nov 2018.

  1. Shifting of RCMS data to e-PDS ration cards data management.

The Ration Card Data Management is currently managed through e-PDS Portal hosted at NDC NIC Delhi.

  1. Computerization of Supply Chain Management (in pending States).

The System for Computerized Supply Chain Management is partially operational in all Food Go-downs /all districts of the State. It is operational since January 2018 and there are challenges in internet Connectivity and Power Supply. FEAST Portal is being used for Supply Chain Management System. Security Audit for FEAST has been completed. Training has been Imparted to all Food Go Down In-charge.  State is able to generate online RO Truck Challan, DO, Gate pass etc but there are challenges with Internet Connectivity and Power Supply Back up. Inverters have been provided to all the food go-downs to tide over the issue of power supply.

  1. Setting up/availability of data centre infrastructure for the scheme.

The fund is with centre as the decision on centralized server for the North Eastern states is pending.

  1. Integration of State Portals/Systems with Central Dashboards - for ensuring consistent data availability at all levels.

All the state portals are with National Data Centre and NIC Delhi. While for e-POS, AP model has been adopted so all portal data reports are available on Annavitran and NFSA Dashboard Portal.

  1. Ensured door-step delivery of food grains (lip to all FPSs), SFC in each state, Social Audit etc.

The Department will be floating tender for door step delivery in due course of time. State Food Commission has been setup and working actively. The Social Audit has been initiated to the State Nodal Department to carry out the same.

  1. Status of security audit of PDS applications including e-POS application.
  • At present e-PDS Server is hosted in Delhi and is shared by many states. The application is slow and security audit cannot be done as server and domain name has not been obtained.
  • For FEAST the server is hosted in NIC Sikkim cloud which again has data enhancement restrictions and it has been security audited.
  • For e-POS, server is hosted in Haryana and the domain name cannot be obtained as it is in Haryana Server.
  1. Proposal for Central financial assistance for third (final) instalment of (End to End Computerization of TPDS Operations Scheme.

As per last communication from CPMU Team, the Cheque for 2nd Instalment has been despatched to State but yet to be received.